Designcourse is a course platform built from the ground up for popular Youtuber Gary Simon.

Traditional course platforms did not offer the level of flexiblity that Gary required both for styling and functionality of the overall platform.

As with any full-stack application, there were three main parts of Designcourse each assigned to a different person:

  • Gary produced Designcourse's design himself.
  • Jip was commissioned to translate the designs into front-end HTML and CSS.
  • I am responsible for producing the back-end application, intergrating the front-end into the back-end and also managing the infrastructure.

Some tech details

To make you technical people happy, here is a short digestable list of all the technologies used for

  • Nuxt 2 for frontend
  • Node.js/Express for backend
  • Handlebars for email templates
  • MongoDB for database
  • Docker + Jenkins for deployment
  • Cloudflare for DNS
  • Traefik for linking services together
  • Linode for servers
  • Braintree for payment
  • Passport.js for authentication

If you have more specific questions, shoot me a message. I'd love to answer it for you.